At-home rapid testing service for COVID-19 launching soon

During these challenging times we’re committed at Lemonaid to helping all Americans get the healthcare they need without leaving home. In light of that we’re going to be launching the first at-home rapid testing service for COVID-19 in the US. It will allow patients to test for COVID-19 without leaving their home or mailing a sample to a lab. Quickly increasing testing can have a big impact on managing existing cases, avoiding new infections, and empowering patients with important information. This at-home service will deliver results to the patient within hours, much faster than home-sampling services where a patient would have to mail a sample back to a lab to process.

In partnership with Scanwell we’re getting ready to make this service live as soon as the FDA approves the test. A licensed Lemonaid doctor or nurse practitioner will need to order the test and provide the results with advice to the patient.

The service (including the test kit and consultation) will be priced at $70. The price includes next business day shipping. Our medical team will follow CDC guidelines on who should receive the test and, along with Scanwell, we’re providing this service at cost.

Led by Dr. Davis Liu, our medical team is passionate about bringing affordable, convenient healthcare to all Americans, in every state. Now’s a perfect opportunity for us to show how online healthcare can help Americans in a time of need. Lemonaid combines a fully integrated medical team, at-home testing services and a mail order pharmacy to make healthcare more accessible.

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Paul, CEO
Lemonaid Health

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