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No insurance? No problem

You can get Errin as low as $9/pack at Walmart without insurance. See more details at to find coupons for your prescriptions.

If you do have insurance, you can choose to get Errin mailed to your door automatically for one year. Shipping is free.

How a Lemonaid medical consultation works

Choose Errin from the list of birth control options

Answer health questions including your blood pressure reading.

Choose mail order delivery with free shipping or choose a local pharmacy.

Pay doctor consultation fee.

Quick video consultation with a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Wait for our message then go pick up Errin from the pharmacy or get it in the mail.

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Why Errin? Why progestin-only pills?

Errin is one of the many brand names for a generic progestin-only pill that’s licensed in the US. Some of the other names for the same birth control pill are Lyza, Sharobel, Norethindrone, Jolivette and Jencycla. All these pills are names for the same generic equivalent of the branded birth control pill called Micronor.

A progestin-only pill contains just one hormone. Most birth control pills in the US are called ‘combination’ pills because they combine 2 hormones.

Progestin-only pills have a lower risk of serious side effects than combination pills. The down side of Errin is you have to take the pills at the same time every day.

We can give you a prescription for progestin-only pills even if you’re over 35 with high blood pressure and other health conditions that make it inappropriate to give you a combination pill.

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You can call us or hit us with questions on instant chat during business hours. You can send us a private message through your Lemonaid account any time.

Get your blood pressure measured today, it’s easy!

To get Errin, our medical team will need to review your blood pressure.

Many of your local pharmacies including Walmart, Sams Club, Safeway, and Rite Aid have machines that can measure your blood pressure for free.

Find your nearest machine


Don’t use Lemonaid if any of the following apply.

  • Under 18
  • 50 or older
  • You're a man
  • Don't know your blood pressure
  • Pregnant or may be pregnant
  • Experiencing unusual vaginal bleeding
  • Previously had an allergic reaction to birth control medicines
  • Liver or gall bladder problems
  • You want the pill to treat acne or control your period

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