Depression is the most common mental health condition. Too many people feel unable to get help because of stigma, embarrassment or not knowing where to turn.

Can Lemonaid diagnose depression?

Yes we can. Our doctors and nurse practitioners use the same guidelines and clinical tools to diagnose depression online as a doctor or nurse practitioner would if you saw them in person.

Can Lemonaid treat depression online?

We can. Our team of experienced doctors, nurse practitioners and pharmacists can give you the help you need. We’ll work with you month by month to establish your goals and help you find the antidepressant medicine that works for you. Once you’ve seen improvement, we’ll work with you to decide if and when to come off treatment. Our treatment program is centered around monthly video consultation.

Lemonaid doesn’t currently offer cognitive behavioral therapy (‘CBT’), but you may find CBT helpful as a substitute or complement to prescription treatment. Our team will help you find CBT options that are right for you.

Are antidepressants effective?

Yes, antidepressants tend to be effective. Because you’re unique, it’s difficult to tell in advance how a particular antidepressant medicine will work for you. That’s why it’s so important that we work with you to adjust your depression medicine if needed. We’ll typically recommend you start with an SSRI, and adjust your medicine and dosage based on how you respond.

As with any medicine, there’s no guarantee that a specific antidepressant will work for you.

How quickly do antidepressants work?

Antidepressants don’t work immediately. It can take 6-8 weeks before you know how a depression medicine at a particular dosage works for you, and it can take 3 months before you feel the full benefits.

Do I need to take antidepressants for the long term?

Most people stay on depression medicines for at least 12 months the first time they take them. If your depression returns repeatedly, one option is to stay on antidepressant medicine lifelong.