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Our core values, who we are, and how we’re different

The New York Times (NYT) and other news organizations have raised awareness of ‘Restaurant-Menu-Medicine’ and companies Hims, Roman, Hers, Kick Health and Nurx. This provides us an opportunity to discuss our core values, who we are, and how we’re different:

1. We’re a national online doctor’s office

Our Lemonaid Health homepage describes us as an ‘online doctor’s office’, because that’s what we are. We are a online health care company and medical group enabled by technology. Our doctors and nurse practitioners are completely employed by Lemonaid Health full-time, and completely focused on providing all Americans access to primary care services. We evaluate patients for a $25 visit fee for a medical consultation because medical consultations is the service we provide. We don’t offer free medical consultations as if the medical consultation is an incidental element on the path to the patient getting the medicine they want. We aren’t simply a technology platform that “connects” doctors to patients. Our dedicated medical staff and our patient support team are Lemonaid Health

2. We provide a wide range of primary care services

At Lemonaid Health we have helped and will continue to help patients get evaluated and treated for urinary tract infections (UTIs), cold sores, flu, acute sinusitis, acne, as well as treatment to quit smoking, get tested and treated for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like chlamydia, as well as testing and treatment for high cholesterol and screening for diabetes www.lemonaidhealth.com We also evaluate patients and treat for erectile dysfunction and hair loss and also help women get access to contraception with birth control pills, birth control patch, and vaginal ring. Just like a traditional doctor’s office, we’re about evaluating the whole patient.

3. We’re dedicated to exceptional quality of care

Our team of full-time employed doctors and nurse practitioners and our patient support team spend their days helping Lemonaid patients. We work hard together and meet daily in person and via video together to provide feedback, and to focus on delivering exceptional medical care AND exceptional patient experiences. Each doctor and nurse practitioner professional is trained in the specialties of primary care, family medicine, or internal medicine. Our team always volunteer their names to patients because we’re proud of what we do and we’re fully transparent about who we are and our role as an online doctor’s office.

4. We know that Federal and state regulations apply

As a online health care company and medical group enabled by technology we’re obsessed with federal and state regulations and how they apply to us, whether it’s rules on how to talk with patients about off-label use of medicines, or states rules that specify we need to have a video consultation with a new patient. As we continue to provide affordable and convenient access to medical care using our technology, we understand that states’ rules, regulations, interpretations, and implementations change over time. Each state has different expectations and we customize our care delivery specific to each state by seeking detailed guidance from state medical boards regularly. Our mission is to help patients nationally, so if a state requires video consultations, we’ll make it happen so that we help patients in that state. We take the protection of patient health information extremely seriously and abide by state and federal privacy regulations.

Since 2015, we have been and continue to be focused and obsessed at providing all Americans access to affordable primary care services. We’re an online health care company and medical group enabled by technology.