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Lemonaid and Scanwell Health: A partnership making healthcare more accessible to women

Lemonaid Health and Scanwell Health have joined forces to help women get diagnosed and treated for UTIs as quickly and affordably as possible. Scanwell Health’s innovative at-home UTI test will help you get diagnosed with a UTI and then get treated without having to go to a lab or doctor’s office.

Urinary Tract Infections (bladder infections) in women are a common, painful medical condition prompting 10 million doctor visits in the United States each year. The faster you can figure out what you’ve got and get it treated, the better.

UTI testing and treatment for women

Women in all 50 states and DC can now use a FDA-cleared at-home test from Scanwell Health to diagnose a UTI and get antibiotic treatment from a Lemonaid Health doctor or nurse practitioner without going to a lab or to a doctor’s office.

Work, family responsibilities, and every day activities make it hard to find time to go to a lab or to a doctor’s office, regardless of whether you have insurance. For Americans without access to affordable and convenient transport, there’s additional stress and hardship involved, and even if you have the time and transport, the out-of-pocket costs for lab tests and a doctor’s visit can be crazy.

FDA-cleared UTI testing app

Scanwell’s UTI test is the only FDA-cleared urine testing app available over-the-counter without a prescription. Their convenient and affordable test removes the guess-work and uncertainty around what you have.

Test results > doctor’s prescription > medicine at the pharmacy

Using the Scanwell test kit and your smartphone, the Lemonaid Health medical team can quickly and accurately work out whether you have a high concentration of leukocytes and nitrites in your urine. If you do, this suggests you have a UTI. Scanwell’s test provides a result in as little as two minutes, with the same diagnostic accuracy as a urinalysis performed in a clinic.

If your at-home test shows signs of a UTI, regardless of which state you’re in, you can choose to be connected with Lemonaid’s virtual team of physicians and nurse practitioners, who can prescribe antibiotics if needed. We send your prescription electronically to any local pharmacy you chose so you can get your medicine as quickly as possible.

Lemonaid Health can treat you for a UTI online even if you haven’t used the Scanwell Test. For more information about our service click here https://www.lemonaidhealth.com/services/urinary-tract-infection