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Sprintec and other names for Ortho-Cyclen

Sprintec is just one of the brand names for the ‘Ortho-Cyclen’ generic combination birth control pill . Other names are:

  • Estarylla
  • Femynor
  • Mono-Linyah
  • Mononessa
  • Norgestimate / Ethinyl Estradiol
  • Previfem

Sprintec/Ortho-Cyclen contains two hormones.

Sprintec Side Effects

The most common side effects from taking Sprintec are nausea and vomiting, bleeding between periods, weight gain, and breast tenderness. The good news is that none of these are serious, and many symptoms go away within a few weeks. Read the leaflet that comes with your Sprintec for more information about side effects.

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  • Pregnant or may be pregnant
  • Experiencing unusual vaginal bleeding
  • Previously had an allergic reaction to birth control medicines
  • Liver or gall bladder problems
  • You want the pill to treat acne or control your period

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