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Affordable, accessible healthcare.

23andMe has always been committed to empowering you with health insights from your DNA, and now that Lemonaid Health is part of the 23andMe family you can also get high quality, convenient healthcare services. Lemonaid's licensed and experienced online medical team and pharmacy are here to provide care when and where you need it.

How it Works

Choose from over 30 telehealth services that Lemonaid Health offers. You’ll get the same level of professional care as a traditional doctor’s office but in a more convenient way – all online.

Your consultation and care will be provided by an experienced team of medical professionals who are licensed in 50 states.

If appropriate, the physician or nurse practitioner will write a prescription that can be shipped for free straight to your door - in discreet packaging.

Genetic Report Consultation

If you’re already a 23andMe Health + Ancestry customer, you can connect with a doctor or nurse practitioner to receive personalized healthcare recommendations based on your medical history and select 23andMe Health Reports.

For US customers who are 18 and older.

Who is Lemonaid Health?

Lemonaid Health was founded in 2013 with one goal: to bring more convenient, affordable healthcare to everyone in the United States. The company has since helped hundreds of thousands of patients get access to high-quality care from the comfort of their homes. Now that Lemonaid Health is part of the 23andMe family, together we’re on a mission to change the future of healthcare and empower people to take even more control of their health.